A dose of reality — is your employee flu program ready?

Best practices for managing your 2020 employee immunization program

Administering and managing an employee mass immunization program is chaotic and stressful under normal circumstances. In light of the current situation, 2020 will be especially challenging.

Watch the replay of the webinar, A dose of reality: is your employee flu program ready? to find out how health systems and large companies are modifying their employee flu vaccination programs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the webinar, Samantha Lodish of Wake Forest Baptist Health and Tiffany Bould of CITGO share what changes they are making in their organizations to create a process that enhances safety for clinicians and employees, including:

  • Ways to minimize contact during registration, consent, waiting, check-in and vaccine administration
  • How technology can create a low contact workflow 
  • Ideas for vaccinating employees who are still working from home

Plus, hear from Emily McComb of Enterprise Health about some of the exciting technology innovations that will enable a low contact process.

Case study: Wake Forest Baptist Health employee immunization program 

Read how Wake Forest Baptist Health uses Enterprise Health to efficiently manage and document 32,000 flu shots.


Learn about...


Employee portals

Prompt employees to complete pre-immunization forms and questionnaires via computer or personal phone before arriving at the clinic.


Mass injection program

Easily document injections for large groups of people and seamlessly integrate with an optional inventory module. 



Compliance / reporting

All vaccination data is immediately available for real-time visibility into compliance status and easy NHSN reporting.


Check-in procedures

Enhance safety for clinicians and employees with modifications to check-in and scheduling processes.

Here's what our clients say:


“I’d like to thank the Enterprise Health team for helping us quickly put together our testing program with different encounters, the ability to upload images and develop reports. Without their support, we’d probably still be talking about testing and not actually doing it." 

Director for Medical Compliance and Policy, petroleum industry


“Enterprise Health met exactly what we needed. We are now able to document all flu vaccinations within employee health records and then pull reports based on compliance out of those records. It allows us to own the entire process and make sure that everything is done appropriately.”

Samantha Lodish, Administrative Manager, Wake Forest Baptist Health


"Encryption at rest is something we were lacking in our security audit. We've been searching for someone to step up and provide that in the industry. No one else can do it except Enterprise Health. This is a quantum leap in security for the industry."

Project lead, petroleum industry

Prepare now 

Today's situation significantly changes the way occupational health clinicians interact with employees and creates the need for new processes that encourage safety during mass flu immunization programs.

Don't miss this chance to hear how other occ health specialists are addressing these new challenges.

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